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A conscious choice for open-minded buyers

We are pleased to present Mauna House's sophisticated products with unique labels, from which you can order while stocks last.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with this choice!

Every product of Mauna House is made with conscious attention, care and creativity. We believe that our relationship with the gifts of nature accurately reflects our relationship with life, ourselves and others. In today's fast-paced world, we often don't pay enough attention to where our food and the products we use come from. We make the unique products of Mauna House ourselves, most of the ingredients come from our own garden. These products reflect an approach to life: our goal is to lead a balanced, conscious lifestyle based on respect for our environment, appreciation of nature's gifts, and responsible decisions regarding our consumption. As a Mauna House community, we strive to make the choice available to all of us to improve our quality of life. It is not enough to desire change. With your conscious purchase, you also support the process, since with each decision you make, you actively participate in the process of creating our life.


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Lavender water

A fantastic by-product of lavender oil production is 100% lavender water, which we make by distillation from our own lavender. Aromatic water is produced during the distillation of lavender oil, when steam is released onto the plant and the hot steam releases the aromas. The steam that condenses during cooling separates into oil and water, both of which contain the valuable active ingredients. Today, lavender water is known to far fewer people than the aromatherapy oil itself, even though it also has fantastic healing effects, and in fact, due to its softer and more harmonious ingredients, it can be used in even more areas than the oil itself. The flowers are picked at the   appropriate time and processed immediately to extract the best possible quality aroma water. Due to its intense calming effect, it is one of the biggest favorites of the beauty industry.  You can use it to care for the sensitive skin of babies, for inflamed eyes, or even for internal healing in a drinking regimen.

Prices and packages:

100ml - HUF 1790 / bottle

50ml - HUF 990 / bottle

30ml - HUF 790/ bottle 

Levendulás fürdősó

Lavender bath salt

To produce lavender bath salt, we mix our own lavender flowers with high-quality salt. 

The bath salt made in this way is very popular due to its refreshing effect on body and soul. In addition to having an extremely soothing effect, it makes our skin velvety and cures various skin problems, inflammations and eczema. 

Price: HUF 1,490 / bottle (300g)

Levendula szörp

Lavender syrup

The taste of the lavender syrup is elegantly restrained, yet excitingly tasty, not too sweet. Perfect refreshment, jwith sky, soda, lemon, mint, ginger. A great addition to cocktails, mixed with white or rosé wine is a real specialty. 



Lavender flower, water, sugar, lemon, citric acid.

Contains no preservatives or additives.

Packages and prices:

250 ml - HUF 1090 / bottle

500 ml -  HUF 1590 / bottle

Lavender spelled pillow

Levendulás tönkölypárna

The spelled bran in the pillow comfortably supports the neck and head and reduces tension in the neck and back muscles. The calming effect of the scent of lavender ensures a peaceful and restful sleep. It helps relieve headaches, migraines, muscle and joint pain. It has a beneficial effect in case of menstrual complaints, it helps relax the muscles and nerves when placed on the abdomen. Chaff breathes well, making it a great choice for those who struggle with night sweats.

Cleaning: The pillow cover can be washed at 30 degrees. The spelled bran lining should be aired from time to time, either in the sun or by heating it in a 50-degree oven for half an hour. It can be disinfected by wrapping it in a nylon bag and putting it in the freezer for 8-10 hours. It is important to cover it well so that the chaff is not wet. 


Sizes and prices:

For adults: 25 cm x 35 cm; 440g - 400g Organic spelled bran, 40g lavender flowers, 100% cotton canvas

Price: HUF 4,590 / piece

For children: 20 cm x 30 cm; 250g – 225g Organic spelled bran, 25g lavender flowers, 100% cotton canvas

Price: HUF 3,890 / piece


levendulás aromazsák

Lavender aroma bag

We put fragrant dried French  lavender flowers in the hand-made aroma bag, which gives a pleasant, soothing  feeling. It can be the decoration of our apartment, we can put it  in our car, or in the closet to scent clothes.

By rubbing the pillow a little, the magical aroma of  lavender comes into play again.


7cm x 7cm; 7g of lavender flowers

Price: HUF 790 / aroma bag

Levendulavirág tea

Lavender bouquet

Our lavender bouquets were carefully selected by strand and tied into a bouquet and hung to dry. Its color is beautiful purple, its smell is delicate and soothing.  It can be a decoration of our apartment and we can also scent a wardrobe with it. The special aroma of French lavender with a high essential oil content can be enjoyed as tea or mixed into cakes. 


Price:6HUF 90 / bouquet  (85-90 strands of lavender)

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