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Craft syrups

Making syrup is a real gourmet job. Experimenting with flavors and discovering harmony is a real pleasure for us. We love special flavors, so every year we create more and more delicacies! In our garden, which is carefully maintained all year round, there are many fruit trees, flowers and herbs. By the end of summer, ripe fruits, spices and fragrant flowers inspire us to create something new and special from them. You can feel the summer sunshine and freshness, and the love our products are made with..   


 Buy 6 pieces of 500 ml syrups and we will give you a 250 ml syrup as a gift!

All you have to do is order a total of 6 db  500 ml syrup, selected from any flavor you like

and upon delivery, we will add it to your package by choosing from our 250 ml syrups in stock


Choose from our syrups and take advantage of the discount! :) 



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