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Host your event at Mauna House!

The regular programs at Mauna House serve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. You are welcome to organize your event based on similar values and principles at Mauna House.  

Mauna House offers place and facility to different kind of programs, such as educational, sport, music, dance camps, movement arts or handycraft workshops.


Meeting Hall

Our community hall is

available for meetings

or other common activities.

The floor is covered with wall-to-wall carpet and we also offer cushions for your comfort.

The room is equipped with projector, flipchart, wifi and 

 light system.


 3 comfortable guestrooms,

each with two bunk beds,

 are available for our guests.
For bigger groups,

our carpeted community room, equipped with three beds

can also be used for sleeping.



A wonderful workshop

with long worktables and chairs

is available to hold

any kind of handicraft program

for your group.

We are open to provide

beginner pottery workshop

and Silent Art painting course.



A tranquil place to relax is beside our nice pond where golden fish small frogs, dragonflies and beautiful flowers can be your company



The wide trampoline is big enough for kids and adults to spend some fun-time together.


Open green area

The large grassy area is suitable to create outdoor events.

A beautiful big walnut tree gives shade for comfort

during your programs.


The big, American style kitchen is equipped for bigger groups cooking and eating together.

The extra size oven and long preparing table is comfortable for organizing cooking events.


During the summer

we recommend to use 

the terrace for dining.

There is enough space 

for 3 tables plus serving tables.

The terrace is covered with shading net to shelter from too much sunshine.



Kids can enjoy their time by using our handmade swing and hammock

placed under the walnut trees.



There is an open place for 5 cars to park inside the territory of Mauna House. 


Practice place

Our practice place is available for any kind of indoor program,

such as dance, music, yoga or martial arts.

The laminated parquet is covered with removable tatami for softness and quiet movements.

With the offered sound system 

and adjustable lighting you can set the atmosphere of your wish.  


We provide a big shower with 2 toilets and a big shower area for 3.

Also a room with shelves to have space for your shower stuff.


Camp fire / grill place

In the summertime it feels good to make dinner outside, our fire place is the ideal choice for that. Camp fires in the evenings can guarantee the good athmosphere.



Enjoy your time surrounded with pond, garden, veggie garden, fruit trees, lavender field..

You are welcome to host your programs at Mauna House.

For more information and booking please send us message on the CONTACT US page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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