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The community of the Mauna House was formed in 2011 under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, Ajiit, 

founder of JIAIDO movement meditation. 

As the Center for Holistic Living and Self - Discovery, our goal is to practice

the art of conscious living

in harmony with our natural environment

and discover who we really are

behind our stories and personalities.

About Mauna House

The main goal of Mauna House is to provide tools by which we can learn in practical terms how to bring the attention to the present moment, to be in the state of Here and Now. This conscious presence is the key to become free from our physical, mental and emotional difficulties and find that universal and yet unique beauty that exists inside every human being.

By actively participating in the life of the Mauna House, we are able to start a new relation with ourselves and our environment, based on clear communication and free expression, sharing and discipline. In this open space we can connect to our inner being and find happiness in everyday activities.

To read more about Ajiit and his activity, please visit

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Name Mauna

Mauna means SILENCE in Sanskrit (spiritually motivated silence). Mauna can be practiced on different levels: by the complete control of the act of speaking or by absence of any means of communication such as written messages, gestures, and head movements. Our main goal is to come to the highest state of silence, Maha Mauna, the inner silence, the stillness of the mind. When the mind is quiet, we can move in harmony with the flow of life. 

Natural environment

The natural environment plays an important role in the life of Mauna House. Our huge garden allows us to experiment with different plants, veggies, herbs and flowers and to grow our raw materials for food production. By gardening we witness the growing of new life forms and by caring for them we actually start taking more responsibility for our environment on a bigger scale. The beauty and generosity of our natural environment teaches respect and appreciation of the gifts we receive.

Beekeeping has a special place in our farm life. Bees are very valuable for every living creature because they are responsible for the pollination of most plants, therefore directly linked to sustaining life on Earth. The honey they make is a real treasure too.

Bees have always been appreciated even in ancient cultures for their remarkable qualities and their example is a direct teaching about the most important values a spiritual seeker needs to follow. We learn a lot from them about the power of community, about cooperation, diligence, and intelligence in organizing the life of a colony. Working with them teaches us patience, focus, precision, and the ability of observation and decision making. All these qualities are very precious and much needed for anyone who is on the inner journey towards the Self. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to develop and grow with and through them.

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There are regular events at Mauna House available for everyone. You are welcome to join the public spiritual dialogues, retreats, art and handicraft workshops and movement meditation (JIAIDO) camps.

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Retreat Center

Mauna House is a thriving peaceful environment offering hosting for private educational programs such as yoga retreats, sports camps, company meetings and regenerative living model.

You are welcome to host your event at the house!

We can accommodate groups of up to 15 people at one time as guests comfortably.

The house and grounds are adaptable for indoor or outdoor events as it has been designed with facilities that encourage creativity and self- expression.

  • Spacious workshop – for fine arts and handicrafts

  • Large room with sound accoustic – for music playing and singing

  • Open green area and dojo – for movement practices

  • Massage bed and chair – for bodywork practice

Nice rooms, a spacious kitchen and bathroom are facilitated to make your stay comfortable. Furniture and rooms can be arranged to fit your needs.

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Mauna House is located in beautiful location in a village near Lake Balaton as a perfect place to spend time with yourself and your family or with your group. The place is surrounded by many vineyards.

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