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Apiary of Mauna House

In our apiary we take care of several bee colonies with appreciation, love and care. 

Working with the bees is very important not only because they play a key role in pollinating plants and by that, sustaining life on Earth - although that would be reason enough for everyone who can to keep bees. Not only because of the honey they produce. Their importance to us is that we can learn a lot from them about perseverance, cooperation, the power of community, diligence, and the intelligence with which bee colonies organize their lives. Working with them teaches patience, accuracy, purposefulness, and the ability to observe.
For the seeker on the inner path, these skills are a treasure.

We are grateful that we can develop through them and with them.

Raw honey

The honey which is available in shops is liquid and gold because it went through heat treatment. In its natural form honey is crystalline at room temperature. This is less manageable than shop honey therefore companies use pasteurization. This indicates that it is heated to more than 70 degrees, slowing down the crystallization, but the biggest disadvantage is that it destroys the special aroma of honey and the vital enzymes responsible for activating the vitamins and minerals contained therein.
The natural, untreated honey is full of unique ingredients that can not be found in nature in this combination.


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