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There are regular programs at Mauna House,

which are all related to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual development of the human being.

You are welcome to join the retreats and Jiaido camps, led by Ajiit, the founder of Mauna House,

or the various workshops led by different artists and experts.

You are also welcome to organize your own event with matching values and principles, using the house to facilitate your program.  

Mauna Retreat

Retreat with Ajit

1-3 December 2023

Ajiit holds retreats regularly in the Mauna House.The retreats provide the opportunity to get away from the routine of everyday life and focus intensively on knowing ourselves on a deeper level. Ajiit's presence and the calm surroundings will help to quieten the body and mind and direct the attention inside.As the body and mind calms down, there is space for guiding the attention inside and starting to inquire the true nature of our Being. With Ajiit's guidance we get clear directions for our Self-investigation and become more and more established on the spiritual journey.

As we get closer to discovering who we really are beyond the picture we know and believe about ourselves, more and more space, freedom and joy fills our life.

The program of the retreats starts everyday with Jiaido movement meditation practice designed by Ajiit to bring the attention to the Here and Now. Twice daily we gather for meetings with Ajit, where you can bring up your questions and share. Delicious vegetarian meals are prepared together for lunch and dinner.

Date: 1-3 December 2023


For more information about Ajit and his retreats, please

Contact and

Jiaido Camp

JIAIDO movement meditation camp with Ajiit

May 2024

JIAIDO is an active movement meditation system based on harmonized movement, breathing and touch, created by Ajiit tto support the process of Self-Investigation.


JIAIDO brings stillness, balance and inner growth to the practitioner by guiding his body and mind to the present moment. It is both a tool to promote personal development by enhancing personal skills and abilities and a method to establish a connection with one's true Self by increasing the level of his awareness.


The camps provide a great opportunity for all active practitioners to deepen their JIAIDO knowledge and technique, to build team spirit and learn how to cooperate with each other.


The camps are led by Ajiit, who will support us not only in the technical progress but also to gain insight into the philosophy and essence of JIAIDO.

Date: May 2024

The camp is open for those who participated in the Budapest dojo minimum 1 month / 8 classes

More information:

Meditation workshop

Meditation Workshop for Beginners
Date coming soon

You want to come to the stillness of mind but don't know where to start?

JIAIDO Association offers regular meditation workshops for beginners!


During the 2 days workshop you can learn different effective meditation techniques that you can use in your everyday life to experience calmness and silence. 

Silence is our true nature, but in our everyday activities we are so caught up in the noise outside that we forget our essence. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to be guided back again to silence in the peaceful environment of the Mauna House.

The workshop is a combination of techniques for bringing the body and mind into the present moment, into the state of here and now. This conscious presence is the key to becoming free from our physical, mental and emotional difficulties and finding that universal and yet unique beauty that exists inside every human being.

The programme:

We are going to have 3 sessions of meditation daily with explanation and guidance, going through each stage step by step. At the end of the workshop we talk about all the issues and questions that arise so that you can practice at home after that. 


The benefits of meditation:

  • Develops self-esteem and self-confidence   

  • Advances emotional stability    

  • Awakes inner power   

  • Brings patience and calmness towards ourselves and others

  • Creates wide and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • Helps to create and maintain healthy and honest relationships driven by trust, acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and love

  • Increases Concentration & Focus

  • Greater peace and relaxation.

  • Advances the ability to solve complex problems

  • Helps to deal with stress

  • Improves self-discipline

  • Grows consciousness in daily life    

  • Clears up the mind from the ongoing unproductive thoughts

  • Brings calmness and clarity

  • Develops attention, extends capacity to learn new things

IMG_3477 (4).JPG

Ghoneim Amani (Pariya)

Workshop leader

Meditation Nut Worshop.png

Accommodation:Mauna House, Hungary

Meals:delicious vegetarian meals prepared together, three times daily

Yalda Night

Celebrating the Birth of Light

Yalda Night

"Darkness is removed by the realization that you are not separate  from light;
you are Light itself."
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Ajiit and the community of Mauna House would like to invite you for a joyful celebration of Yalda Night and Christmas in December at Mauna House.


The occasion for this celebration is closely related to the cycle of life, and is also a reminder for all human beings not to forget their own true nature: Light. 
Yalda, which means birth, is an ancient festival, celebrating the birth of light, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness. Early Christians linked the birth of Jesus to this special night.

After the longest night of the year (21st of Dec), days become longer and darkness is defeated by light, wisdom and justice takes over, giving a reason to celebrate for all.

Christmas and Yalda are both celebrated in a similar fashion by staying up all night and celebrating it with family and friends, and eating special foods.

Untitled design.png

We invite you to spend this time with Ajiit and the community of Mauna House.

During these two days there will be time for intimate conversations and sharing, playing music, celebrating, creativity and a lot more. 

You can join this festive event for both days or just one.

Please, arrive before 6 pm on the given day to have our dinner together and be part of the rich program.
We appreciate if you prepare a small delicious dish by yourself at home or in the House, which we will share together.


Date: December 20, 18:00 - December 22, 10:00, 2022
Venue:  Mauna House, Hungary

Contact and registration:

Ate wshop

Bodywork workshop - JIAIDO Ate

Ate is the art of conscious touch for releasing emotional and mental blocks. As a part of JIAIDO movement meditation system, it is based on conscious touch, breathing and focus in a harmonized manner.

It is a bodywork technique, but it is not a massage in its traditional sense, because the focus is only in 20% on the treatment of physical symptoms.

The focus of JIAIDO Ate is to enhance awareness; it brings the skill to all to experience a conscious, effortless and empty physical contact with another human being. It results in the release of emotional and mental blocks from the body, which are the barriers of our spiritual evolution; they are responsible for the feelings of separation and dissatisfaction in our lives.


Workshop leader: Krisztina Lengyel (Nahid)

Date is coming soon

Contact and

The practice takes place on tatami on the ground 

Fabric:comfortable pants and shirt are recommended

Nahid Ate.jpg

Kristina Polenyel (Nahid)

Workshop leader

Dance wshop

Dance workshop 

Dance is an important part of our self-expression. During the free dance workshops we awaken our creative energy by using our body to move to any music freely, without concepts and ideas about how it should be. 

The workshop is a great opportunity to experience the meditative state in an active and cheerful way. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_thinking mind and connect us to our being. As we focus on the music, on our movements, on the others in the room so we don't crash into anyone, we learn to pay attention to as many things at the same time as possible. In other words we learn to be entirely present while dancing, which is the key to joy and the sense of being alive.

Workshop leader: Fanni Tasnády (Giti)

Date is coming soon 

More information:


Fanni Tasnády (Giti)

 workshop leader

Pottery wshop

Pottery workshop for kids

Learning to play with clay and making something beautiful out of it is a way to awaken our creativity. The energy of creativity is the essence of our being, therefore just by stimulating it we come closer to who we really are. Real art appears from the recognition of our true nature.  

We can give so many things to our kids. But the best gift is always the joy of a beautiful experience. The goal of this pottery workshop is to make children relax and have fun while making something with their own hands. In this process they can explore and strengthen their creativity, to which they can connect any time later on.

The one day program is for kids between the ages of 7 and 12. As a parent you can stay here with your child, or can also leave him/her here for the workshop. There is no need for any previous knowledge or experience in pottery for participation.

Workshop leader: Judit Vas

More information:


Judit Vas (Huma)

Workshop leader

Beekeeping wshop

Bee-keeping workshop 

Bees are much more important in our lives than most people realize.

Without bees, life wouldn't be sustainable for too long on Earth as they are responsible for the pollination of so many plants. Learn more about these unique beings in our workshop!

Bees have always been appreciated even in ancient cultures for their remarkable qualities. They focus on their work without swaying, they don't idle around. They work individually and not for personal benefit, but for the good of the whole. Even though they can fly long distances for food, they always find the way back home.

And not least the honey they produce is a real blessing, a cure for several diseases. Their example is a direct teaching about the most important values a spiritual seeker needs to follow.

Dates are coming soon for 2022

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