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Mauna Retreat with Ajiit

Ajiit holds regular retreats in the Mauna House. The retreats aim at providing you the opportunity to get away from the routine of everyday life and focus intensively on knowing ourselves at a deeper level. Ajiit’s presence and the calm surroundings will help to quieten the body and mind and direct the attention inside. During the two days we get closer to discovering who we really are beyond the picture we know and believe about ourselves.

Each retreat is different than the other, depending on the topics and questions that arise in the participants, occupying their minds. Some questions are very personal, and some are more general, more related to spirituality and the inner journey. Whatever the topic is, the main focus is always on remembering our true nature and find our way back to our inner compass. With Ajiit’s guidance the way towards ourselves becomes more and more clear and visible.

During the retreat every morning starts with Jiaido movement meditation, created by Ajiit to help bring the attention to the state of Here and Now. Two times daily we gather for meetings with Ajiit, where you can bring up your questions and sharings.

The retreats take place in Ajiit’s activity center, the Mauna House, where you get full accommodation. We will prepare our delicious vegetarian meals together.

DATE: 13-15 JULY 2018


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