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Center for Holistic Living and Self-discovery

Pure products for a conscious customer

We love to share what we are doing here in Mauna House and offer a sampling of our different types of raw honey, jam and other organic products.

Almost all the raw ingredients of our products are cultivated by ourselves on our land in Szőlősgyörök near lake Balaton. In addition to that, during the process of growing, designing, creating and packaging, some extra ingredients were added: care, attention and creativity. By presenting these unique products we would like to share our vision of a more conscious, balanced lifestyle and offer the possibility to enjoy its benefits in your everyday life.


Buying the products is more than just making a choice for yourself: you support the change that we need to improve the quality of our lives. It is not enough to dream about life quality transformation. We need to make it happen by actively participating in the process. 
We work as a community for a common goal: to realize this inner transformation and to make it available for others as well.


If you would like to purchase any product, please send a message by clickng the button below.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Honey products

Gift Baskets


The Mauna House products are now available in different combinations packaged in beautiful gift baskets.

Choose from our baskets and present your loved ones with a handmade gift.

You are welcome to order your individual combination of the products as well.

Please contact us for the details!

Pampering lavender basket

Enjoy the relaxing, calming and pampering effects of lavender, elegantly wrapped in this basket.


Contents of the basket:

  • Lavender water (100 ml)

  • Lavender bath salt (300 g)

  • Lavender aroma bag (with 7 g lavender)

image (1).png

 Great Lavender Basket


Recommended for the true lovers of lavender

This basket has the best of lavender, including one of the great favourites: the organic spelt pillow with lavender.

        Contents of the basket:

  • Lavender tea (40 g)

  • Lavender water (100 ml)

  • Lavender bath salt (300 g)

  • Lavender spelt pillow (440 g)

  • Lavender bouquet (with 85-90 flowers)

  • Lavender aroma bag (with 7 g lavender)

20210315_131221 (1).jpg

Lavender Charm Basket

Enjoy the aroma and essence of lavender wrapped in this beautiful basket for the relaxation of body and soul.


       Contents of the basket: 

  • 2 bottles of lavender water (100 ml)

  • Lavender tea (40g)

  • Lavender bath salt (300 g)

  • Lavender bouquet (with 85-90 flowers)

  • Lavender aroma bag (with 7 g lavender)

image (1).png

Houseleek Basket

The small houseleek basket is a lovely gift to anyone who loves greenery and gardening.

Contents of basket

  • Houseleek (40g)

  • Cactus soil

  • Decor stones and pebbles

image (4).png

Raw honey

Honey is a gift of nature, a gift from the bees. In our apiary we take care of several bee colonies with appreciation, love and care, also working to treat them naturally.

The honey which is available in shops is liquid and gold because it went through heat treatment. In its natural form honey is crystalline at room temperature. This is less manageable than shop honey therefore companies use pasteurisation. This indicates that it is heated to more than 70 degrees, slowing down the crystallization, but the biggest disadvantage is that it destroys the special aroma of honey and the vital enzymes responsible for activating the vitamins and minerals contained therein. The natural, untreated honey is full of unique ingredients that can not be found in nature in this combination.

Products (400g/500g/1000g)

* Acacia honey

* Rapseed honey

* Sunflower honey

* Mixed flower honey


Honey comb is the container of the honey in its natural form, as bees preserve it. Honeycomb is considered as an ancient medicine for its good effect on health.


Honeycomb products:

* Filled with Acacia honey

* Filled with mixed flower honey


Marmalade variety

All the fruits are coming from our natural treated garden. Some of the marmalade are made without added sweetener, some contain honey and some sugar, depending on the taste of the fruit.

The product is preserved by the process, there is no added artificial preservatives.

Marmalade varieties, we create plain and flavoured:

* Apple marmalade

* Strawberry marmalade

* Peach marmalade

* Apricot marmalade

* Sour cherry marmalade

Lavander water

Lavender water

A fantastic byproduct of distilling lavender oil is the 100 % pure lavender water, made from lavender blossoms, hand-picked in our lavender plantation. Lavender water is created during the process of distillation, when the flowers are subjected to hot steam to release their aroma. After cooling, the steam is divided into oil and water, both containing the precious substance of lavender. Although lavender water is still less known today, it has fantastic healing benefits and its soft and easy to use consistency makes it a very practical choice in our everyday life.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti- infectious benefits it can be used in various areas for better health and enhanced beauty. 

The relaxing, calming effects of the lavender water can be felt immediately when we spray it into the air, or on our face. It relieves headache, and depressive moods. It is natural ailment for all skin problems, from sunburn through problematic skin to bug bites: the calming and soothing properties of the lavender will ease any soreness and cool the skin completely naturally. Due to its anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti- infectious benefits it can be used in various areas for better health and enhanced beauty. 

Bath salt

Lavender bath salt

The exquisite bath salt is wonderful combination of lavender and high quality Himalayan salt. 

Lavender is one of the most effective herb for relaxation, combining with salt gives refreshment for the whole body and soul. It makes the skin soft and soothes skin problems and inflammations.


Lavender spelt pillow 

Our lavender spelt pillow combines the benefits of spelt cushion with the soothing effect and the pleasant scent of lavender. The filling is organic spelt husk and lavender blossom, placed securely within an extra inlay, made with cotton fabric. The outer pillow cover can be easily removed and hand washed.

The spelt pillow adapts perfectly to the body and supports the neck and head, relieving the tension of back and neck muscles. The relaxing effect of lavender scent ensures peaceful and calm sleep. The pillow is a great help to ease headaches, migraine, muscle and joint pain. 

image (6).png

If you would like to purchase any product, please send a message on the CONTACT US page or click the button.

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