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Mauna Retreat with Ajiit

"The path of devotion is not only about what you can offer or do for the Beloved in the material form, by donating your money, time and energy. These acts of service are all preparing you to offer that, which is dearest to you: your ego or conditioned mind." Ajiit

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Mauna Retreat with Ajiit
Mauna Retreat with Ajiit

Idő és helyszín

2022. okt. 22. 20:02 – 20:17

Szőlősgyörök, Szőlősgyörök, 8692 Magyarország

Az eseményről

What is exactly the ego or the conditioned mind? What does it mean to offer that and how can we do that? How does this offering lead to spiritual liberation?

With Ajiit’s guidance we investigate these questions, that every true seeker need to face. In the level of everyday life reality, we come closer to an understanding of truth that can make us free from all emotional and mental sufferings.

The retreat will take place at Mauna House, where the lovely and natural environment will also help to turn your attention inside.

The program starts in the mornings with JIAIDO active movement meditation practice designed by Ajiit to bring the attention to the Here and Now. Daily two meetings with Ajiit provide opportunity to ask your questions and share your understanding.

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