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A fantastic by-product of lavender oil production is 100% lavender water, which we make by distillation from our own lavender.
Aromatic water is produced during the distillation of lavender oil, when steam is released onto the plant and the hot steam releases the aroma. The steam condensin during cooling separates into oil and water, both of which contain the valuable active ingredients.

Today, lavender water is much less well known than the aromatherapy oil itself, even though it also has fantastic healing effects. In fact, due to its softer and more harmonious ingredients, it can be used in even more areas than the oil itself.

The flowers are picked at the appropriate time and processed immediately to extract the best possible quality aroma water. Due to its intense calming effect, it is one of the biggest favorites of the beauty industry.

You can also use it to take care of the sensitive skin of babies, for inflamed eyes, or even for internal healing in a form of drinking regimen.

Lavender water

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