Center for Holistic Living and Self-Discovery

The community of the Mauna House was formed in 2011 under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, Ajiit. As the Center for Holistic Living and Self - Discovery, our goal is to practice the art of conscious living in harmony with our natural environment and discover who we really are behind our stories and personalities.


All events of the House are designed by Ajiit to direct the attention to the present moment. In the supportive environment of the community we learn to start a new relation with ourselves and others based on clear communication, sharing and acceptance. In this open space we can connect to our inner being and find happiness in everyday activities.

The natural environment plays an important role in the life of Mauna House. Our huge garden allows us to experiment with different plants, veggies, herbs and flowers and to grow our raw materials for food production. By taking care of our farm animals daily we learn to relate to them in an intimate and responsible way. The beauty and generosity of our natural environment teaches respect and appreciation of the gifts we receive.


The house has been designed to contain several facilities that encourage creativity and self- expression.

  • Spacious workshop – for fine arts and handicrafts.
  • A large room with sound accoustic – for music playing and singing.
  • Large open green area and a new dojo – for movement practices.
  • Yoga mats and massage bed and chair – for bodywork practice.


There are regular events at Mauna House available for everyone. You are welcome to join the public spiritual dialogues, retreats and movement meditation (JIAIDO) camps.


Mauna House can accommodate a group of up to 15 people as guests comfortably. Nice rooms, spacious kitchen and bathroom are facilitated to make your stay comfortable. During events we prepare our delicious vegetarian meals and snacks together.


For longer stay at Mauna House it is for your own benefit to first participate in the events on a regular base and get to know our goal, principles and values.


For information about the schedule please check our events here on the website or on our FB page. For registration, please apply by sending us an email to info(at)maunahouse(dot)com and describe your motivation to participate in the event.


Mauna Retreat with Ajiit


28-30 September 2018

Spiritual Dialogue with Ajiit

at Budapest, Hungary

12 August 2018

JIAIDO movement meditation


24-26 August 2017